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Briston Watches

Briston Watches

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At Netclothing we think that a time piece is an essential addition to any outfit and we take our accessories just as seriously as the clothing and footwear we sell. Briston is a relevantly new addition to the watch world but do not let that fool you, they are built upon years of experience in the luxury watch market that their creator Brice Jaunet has gained over years of high profile positions on the industry. Together with a group of Swiss designer he has created a range of elegantly designed watches which draw from the Oxford University preppy style as inspiration. This desire to produce a classically British style time piece comes from Brice Jaunet's years as a student at Oxford and his appreciation of the American Ivy League dress of the 20's. Each watch has been crafted with great care and the finish and materials used come from the unbending principles of luxury that Brice Jaunet pick up whilst working for Cartier and such like companies. So why not bring that finishing touch to your outfit by adding a contemporary but classic addition to your wrist and with the choice between the classic and the more sportier chronograph face you will find one that suits your personality.

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