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As always this years collection by Denham Jeans is full of great new pieces and familiar designs. With the company getting bigger every year Denham could be a large player in the denim market for years to come. Denham Jeans is a cool new premium denim brand that has hit fashion stores in the past couple of years. The brand is the brainchild of Jason Denham who has a long and established history within the tailoring trade. The cut of the jeans is unique and very British in its heritage with Denham taking inspiration from an antique tailoring guide that his family owned called the Cutters Guide. In homage to the guide he has named several of his jeans models after tailoring styles within the book including Cutter, Dart and Taper Jeans. To compliment his collection of premium designer jeans is a range of Denham clothing, specifically menswear of Shirts, T-Shirts and Belts and perfect for summer Denham Chinos.

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