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Money Clothing is a British street wear brand born in the heart of London and established in 2003 by Melvyn D Villiersm and Nick Cordell who were later joined by Takashi Marujo in 2004. With their goal to change the way street wear was both perceived and designed the trio set out to create a collection of urban wear of the highest quality. Money Clothing focuses on design and materials, forever striving to offer their customer base the best of the best, taking drastic measures to always ensure the best outcome. Money Clothing spend a lot of time sourcing materials and manufacturing from top end manufacturers in renowned manufacturing countries such as Japan, France and Italy to ensure their customer is offered the best. So you know your garments are made to perfections with time and love. Money Clothing deliver a great range of quality products every season, always making their garments in limited quantities to stop flooding and to keep their customers hungry for more. Most notable exploit which first caught the eye of the public were the amazing denim jeans which had real 1$ bills incorporated into the design. This has become a trade mark of the now heavy weight urban wear brand with them applying different kinds of noted currency to some of their jeans in the same fashion as the dubbed "Money Dollar Jeans". Money Clothing have become heavy weights in the urban scene and we at Netclothing have been one of the primary stockists for the past 10 years, we believe we have built a great relationship with Money Clothing and offer one of the best selections available around.

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