We all know Ibiza Rocks, and in more ways than one, as the super brand founded in 2005's manumission back room has ruthlessly catapulted itself from strength to strength taking with it, both established, virtually unknown, and under the radar artists and DJ's from all genres of the music slip stream, screaming into the main stream arena. You can almost guarantee if a track's had its fair share of spins in the hot Ibiza sun, that success back on colder shores is not far behind. So when the likes of Super brand Ibiza Rocks teamed up with equal power house Religion, you just new that big things were about to explode, and the mega monster collaboration has definitely not disappointed. Keeping the distinctive Religion inspired , darted chain stitch low back feature, combined with Ibiza's, dream sexy, high resolution, sun drenched hedonistic graphic imagery , has brought forth an absolute winning collaboration. With accommodating price points of between £27-£40 on jersey wear and between £75- £215 on shirting and jacket wear,common sense has guaranteed this almost no brainer collaborations success, in times were very little or nothing at all can be vouched for. So with fashion faith restored, and if god truly is a Dj, he'll almost certainly be lounging in the Ibiza Sunshine, sporting a pair of Ray Bans and a brand new Religion Rock tee, so here's to Ibiza Rocks..... God bless ya.