Adidas have always been a front runner in both the clothing and trainer scene from early and have only further cemented their position in the game in the last couple years. Not only with their own collection but also with their collaborative lines; most notably the collaborative love child between Adidas and one of Japans most influential fashion designers; Yohji Yamamoto.

Adidas Y3 revolutionized the industry creating a new movement within the fashion world. Y3 excels at delivering design, expert crafting with traditional Japanese influences brought to the forefront of fashion in a new modern way in which only Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto can.

Adidas Y3 has hit a noticeable spike in mainstream pop culture as of late with their futuristic trainer designs with clear Japanese themes and inspirations. Such as one of our favorites and best sellers the "Adidas Y3 Boost", although the whole collection we stock is impeccably designed and some of the best quality available for the price, all of our "Boost" models normally fly off the shelves! With fashion icons such as Kanye West representing the brand it's easy to see why our Y3 stock never lasts long in store!