Fans of Adidas and Nike might be keeping an eye on how the teams wearing each of the brands will fare at the World Cup in South Africa.

As well as the battle of countries on the pitch there will be a fiercely competitive fight between the sportswear brands to benefit most from the competition.

Chief executive of Adidas Herbert Hainer told the Times he is confident of victory over Nike, stating: "They announced at the 1998 World Cup that by 2002 they would be the world leader in football. They weren't. In 2002, they said they would be in 2006. They weren't. "

He claimed they aren't the market leader this year and they won't be in 2014.

The manufacturer may be right to be confident as it is the kit sponsor of 12 teams at the tournament, including Spain, Germany, France and Argentina, double its representation at the 2006 World Cup.

Men may wish to choose the brand they are backing and sport some of its clothing during the tournament, which kicks off on June 11th as the hosts entertain Mexico.