As our bitter winter supposedly draws to a close, ushering in the delights of a red hot sexy summer, their seems to be a faint smell of Diesel in the air, no its not pollution or the over spill from the previous panic buying fuel crises, it's the brand. With the majority of fashion addicts itching and waiting for an easy wear alternative to good old Denim, the powers that be at planet Diesel have seen the light by producing a brand new light exposure range with a novel little solution for all your fashion comfort hunger pains. Bringing forth the birth of a brand new baby denim going by the name of Jog Jeans, cleverly keeping the same integral aspects of their original Krooley denim wear Jean, but weaving in a clever fabric twist using an innovative little blend of polyester, cotton, and elastaine, which gives this denim hybrid that casual stretch, lounge around jogger feel. The beautiful secret to this new Diesel brain child is in that, only the wearer will know the true comfort these Diesel Jog Jeans give. On face value the structure and visual make up look identical to all other true Diesel Denim jeans. Price points are £190, offering the wearer true to life comfort all summer long.