Now, it has been known that I'm a bit of a sucker for a nice piece of arm candy, give me leather, fabric, tassels, straps and hardware, I want it all! Imagine then my delight at being confronted by row upon row of beautiful handbags, all shapes, sizes and colours, the new wardrobe possibilities could be endless... Well ladies, feast your eyes upon the new collection of Vivienne Westwood Handbags, it's like playing dress up every day, only for real. Just imagine, today I could dress up my working wardrobe with a deliciously colourful tartan creation in shades of hot pink and butterscotch (definitely good enough to eat), hoping to show the world that fun-loving and carefree side of my personality, or I can channel the sophisticate inside and parade the delightful vanilla coloured patent number with the signature gold orb. My personal favourite has me daydreaming of Californian skies, dusty roads and music festivals (think Coachella) and you will see what I mean when you see the beautiful tan leather Dolce Vita bag with contrast saddle stitch and tassels! They say the bag you choose says a lot about you, conformist, practical or just plain crazy, you cannot deny that a nice handbag really is like your best friend, and girls, I think I've found several new ones!