Well the seasons are changing and the warmth of Spring will soon be loosening those winter jackets. And over here at Pilot we are happy to announce that this seasons WoodWood, YMC and Sperry have arrived in store. WoodWood is a Copenhagen based company with a short but rich history, they are know for there take on classic cuts which have been produced to a very high standard. We first started noticing WoodWood on our frequent trips to Berlin, we were so impressed with the quality of there own product and their buying for their shop we knew it would be a great addition to our shop. As soon as you walk into a WoodWood store you can tell that you have walked in to a shop that really loves its clothing and the design and function of the products it produces and sells. We thought WoodWood would sit nicely next to a British based brand which we feel have the same kind of ethics, that brand is YMC also known as You Must Create. Started in 1995 in London by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins YMC have became one of the most influential brand that the UK has produced in the modern era. Once again they have stand out shops in London which follow their love of design and of the slightly darker things in life. YMC is one of those brand that you can trust in, you know that every piece they produce has been well thought out and individually tailored to our times. For the footwear section of this article we thought we would head over the pond and shine a light on Sperry TopSider, first produced in 1935 by Paul Sperry to address the problem of slipping on deck whilst boating, today Sperry produce high quality shoes in colours that are relevant in today's fashions. We find that Sperry TopSiders are the most comfortable of the many boat shoes out in the market, this is because of the soft leather used in production which doesn't need breaking in. And because of the large palette of colours these shoes are produce in, there is sure to be a pair to match any outfit you put together. So as you can see from the pictures we think that WoodWood, YMC and Sperry go well together and that they are all brands with a firm footing already which will only be built upon in the future. Please pop over to their pages on our website for a closer look.