Adidas-sponsored David Beckham appeared on US TV at the weekend and showed off a photograph of his recent surgery.

Beckham was interviewed on the David Letterman Show and told the chat show host about the procedure to fix his Achilles injury, his plans to remain at LA Galaxy and his disappointment at missing out on the World Cup.

"I won't be playing, but as a supporter and part of the team, the manager's invited me. I haven't spoken to him about details but it will be about how my leg will be," he said.

He added that he believes it will be a successful World Cup and admitted he was a big fan of South Africa as he has always had so many supporters from there.

The former Manchester United midfielder looked stylish on the sofa in a dark blue suit, but fans of his casual look - which has been on show in pictures in recent weeks- might find that Adidas Originals clothing is ideal.