The history and growth of Adidas is pretty well documented so I think to be fair to all parties, and to save my fingers and your eyes I shall keep it short. Returning to his trained position as a cobbler Adi’ Dassler realised the military style boots the athletes of the day were running in were not conducive to breaking the one hundred metre dash in ten seconds. So it was to his mother’s wash kitchen, and with machinery part powered by leg and pedal Adidas and later Puma was formed for a more comfortable union of foot and shoe. The brand has its own timeline of success with both laconic and brash endorsements fluttering in its history like the remnants of a ticker tape parade. Ten or more years ago, after deciding that only hertitage products would carry the trefoil the diffusion ‘Originals’ was founded. Other niche spin offs with their own associations followed, Y3 was helped along by Yohji Yamamoto and Stella McCartney also lends her name to a range, all as these things tend to go. So for the first time Adidas has taken it solely on their own shoulders to develop a casual range that isn’t a sports' hybrid, SLVR; legitimate clothing that will stand well next to the Wood Wood types with preppy on point. Not getting too descriptive in the nuts and bolts of the collection, but in essence it will be crafted with the same creativity that the Dassler used back at the cobblers’ station. Comfort, speed, durability… Psssht, whatever. The clothes look sharp and I think that’s what counts so let’s not say hold your breath so much as take a deep one and come inside.