Adidas-sponsored football superstar David Beckham is set to go to the World Cup after all as assistant-manager of Australia, an April Fool's gag has suggested.

The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC teamed up for the joke which featured in the newspaper's sports section before an interview with 'Beckham' - voiced by an impersonator - was aired.

According to the paper, the former England captain, currently suffering from an Achilles injury, was set to get his Adidas on and head to South Africa with the Socceroos.

It suggested the Football Federation Australia had sent the midfielder a fruit basket and a get well soon card following his recent injury and he had been so touched by the gesture he agreed to join their World Cup efforts.

"The pineapples and bananas sent made Becks realise he's really appreciated by the Aussies," a source was quoted as saying.

Fashion-conscious males could pick up style tips from the star and might really be able to see him make an appearance at the World Cup on TV screens as a pundit with BBC and ITV reportedly fighting to get him onboard.