Adidas-sponsored David Beckham has been named the highest-earning player in world football for the third year running.

Findings revealed by Forbes magazine suggested the 35-year-old former Manchester United star earned $40 million (£26 million) in 2009, with around 80 per cent of his earnings coming from sponsorship deals such as his link up with Adidas Originals.

However, Beckham may experience a drop in earnings this year as an Achilles injury will rule him out of England's efforts to win the World Cup in South Africa this summer.

Men may find a range of Adidias Originals clothing helps them to get the style of the fashionable footballer, who even has his own range designed by James Bond.

It has recently been reported that Beckham could be picking up rap lessons from Snoop Dogg after the legendary rapper told the Mirror the former England captain "was terrific" teaching his children to play football.