The Adidas TS Supernatural Commander is a distinctive pair of shoes, not to mention the choice of footwear for Orlando Magic's star basketball player Dwight Howard.

People who wear them will unquestionably stand out from those around them as the primarily black shoes feature prominent white straps - three of course - and a blue and white sole.

Fans of high-tops might be keen to try them out as the heel drops low, all in the name of better mobility on the basketball court or for that matter, the street.

Writing for website Slam Online, Sandy Dover said that he was "blown away" by the Adidas He said: "Seeing them made me feel good. They're glossy, pretty, substantial, light and just aesthetically pleasing altogether. As good as they look on [the basketball player], they look even better up close.Adidas Originals fans could also want to check out the latest collaboration between the company and Star Wars with the latest products designed by streetwear brand CLOT.