Style-conscious men may be interested in stepping back in time to the 1980s, thanks to a new accessory revealed by Adidas.

The sportswear giant is now offering a range of calculator watches with bright and colourful designs.

Men that would like to stand out from the crowd might find the fun design of the watch to be the ideal accessory to set off their outfit and allow them to unleash their geeky side.

Black, gold, blue and lilac colourways are currently available, but Trendhunter suggests that a look at next season's collection suggests pink and orange, citrus and a range of other shades will soon be made available too.

Men who want to go for an overall retro look may find that Adidas footwear offers them something that suits their style.

One option may be a pair of Adidas Gazelle trainers, which have a history dating back to the 1960s and have proved consistently popular.