Comfortable shoes are one of Boy George's biggest fashion tips, as well as having a good bed.

Speaking to the Guardian, he says that a sturdy bed and a good pair of shoes are must haves for men because when you are not in one you are in the other.

He explains that a chunky pair of shoes helps him stand tall and feel confident.

Men who are more likely to slip on a pair of trainers than Cuban heels or boots may find Lacoste styles, such as the brand's Camden style, are just as suitable at making an outfit. Lacoste Camden trainers have a thick sole and secure Velcro fastening which could prove to provide the sturdiness and chunkiness that the singer looks for in a shoe.

George admits that he also has a love of hats which can prove quite expensive.

"Philip Treacy hats are the only indulgence I have these days. I have more than 30 at the moment and I give a lot of them away to charity shops when I'm bored of them," he says.