Adidas-sponsored footballer David Beckham will be heading to this summer's World Cup in South Africa, despite his Achilles injury ruling him out of action.

Victoria Beckham confirmed her husband will be heading to the country during the tournament to support England, who are in search of the first major trophy since their 1966 World Cup success at Wembley.

"He's still going to go to the World Cup. All the players, both in England and in Milan, have been so sweet and so supportive, but it's just so great to have him back," she said.

She admitted that it has been "great" to have the former Manchester United midfielder at home and stated he has been in good spirits, despite having to hobble around the house.

Clothing brand Adidas may well be pleased to hear that Beckham will be seen this summer as he is likely to a highly photographed player despite his injury.