DENHAM, founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by the well established English craftsman and jeanmaker, Jason Denham. After working in his workshop, creating and designing jeans with the greatest of materials. After 8 years of working with denim and creating jeans, Jason first founded the internationally respected denim brand, BlueBlood. DENHAM focuses on intense commitment to detail and the creation of high quality jeans, to make their customers and other fashion guru's to think that's its a must have, jaw dropping pieces of denim. The craftsmanship, invention and the fearless experiments of each style of each DENHAM jeans has endless amounts of production ideas and thoughts put into them, this is why the brand is looked upon and has a higher end price range. We have received the stock of our denim collection from DENHAM for this AW15 season in store. One of the key pieces from the collection of the brand we have in store. The jean style itself is called JABL, which is a very special and breathtaking piece of denim. The jean is a Japanese Salvage, made from Japanese Textiles which is hand crafted in Japan with hand made damaged and repaired rips in the front of the jean. This svelte denim is purposely gone for the torn, damaged and travel worn look for those denim lovers. The JABL is available in our store and online for £559. Many other styles from DENHAM are available to you in store and online also.