Nike-fan Dizzee Rascal is reportedly set to team up with UK dancefloor heavyweights The Prodigy on their next record, according to the band.

The teaming up of the two artists would be the latest collaboration for Dizzee Rascal following his previous work with Nike on a special limited-edition pair of Air Max 90 trainers.

Producer Liam Howlett told Australian Radio Station: "When it happens it will happen. Basically, we've talked about [it] and we've just been on the road for so long now. So when we have a break and I get to go back into the studio - that's when I guess the next lot of music will happen."

The British rapper is often seen wearing Nike Clothing and fans who wish to emulate his fashionable street-style could do so with a few simple purchases.

Unfortunately his 'Tongue and Cheek' Air Max 90's may be a little harder to come by as only around 100 pairs were made.