Justin Bua - one "the most iconic New York-bred hip hop artists alive" - is a fan of Nike Dunks, Puma and Adidas Originals, website SoJones reports.

The artist expresses hip-hop culture using a paintbrush rather than a microphone and draws on his experiences of graffiti and breakdancing in Brooklyn to create his oil paintings.

In an interview with the website, he described his fashion preferences saying: "I like really clean simple designs, with a graphic. I like denims."

He added that everyone has their own style and people spend their lives developing it and honing in on it.

If he could choose a designer to work on a collaboration with he stated his top choices would be Valentino or Jean Paul Gaultier.

Bua's work, including an image of fellow Adidas-fan Jay Z, is set to be exhibited at Pop International in New York from tomorrow (March 25th).

SoJones founder Rod C.KhiD Rainey recently said that he was wearing Nike Trainers>, specifically a pair of Space Jam Jordans.