Elvis Jesus comes with quite a background for an embryonic label. In a rogues gallery a collection of celebrity endorsements have been acquired with almost ornithological enthusiasm. A sparking roll of names includes Keith Richards, Paul Okenfold and importantly the most ‘peng’ Jameela Jamil. Laconic effigies are disguised in witty prints with a certain amount of bravery, a bravery that is necessary when depicting the said son of the G man in such a colourful and unorthodox manner (If you will excuse the pun?) It is with the growing reputation of David Mallon, also the founder of Ringspun, that the Manchester based enterprise is expanding. There is a good heritage in Mallon’s Cohorts too, former business partners and associates include Darren Collins (Religion/ Buddhist Punk) and Stuart Trevor (All Saints creator) leading to a fine set of creative chromosomes in Elvis Jesus. The brand name comes from the quirky and oddball novel Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola and depicts well the association with the arts. Prints include satirical catches of modern classics such as The Clash’ ‘London Calling’ and cinema monsters like ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Gangs of New york’ David Mallon also owns The Circle a members only spot in Manchester which is positioned within walking distance from the flagship store for Elvis Jesus. The store is said to be in light of independents surging in tide from the mainstream, creating a tactile rock ‘n roll and more adapting base for the brand. There will be a few other names available but without becoming too buying orientated it will lie with a few mutually appreciative brands from a short list of acquaintance. The store comes with the ergonomics to as Mallon puts it, ‘to give something back,’ with the potential for thrust and fuzz catwalk shows and striping back the store for laid bare for events. There are already talks with distributors to set up the format in other countries, and from the enthusiasm and ethic that has brought Mallon this far I think it would take the force of life to stop Elvis Jesus going forward and prospering.