Nike clothing sponsored Tiger Woods took to the course competitively again yesterday (April 8th) for the first time since the recent media reports about his private life.

Woods took to the course at Augusta, Georgia to compete at the Masters, his first tournament following a five-month absence from the game.

All eyes were on the 34-year-old who stepped out confidently wearing a striped Nike polo shirt and a navy blue cap.

The golfer said: "All day the crowd reaction was unbelievable. I haven't heard the people cheer that loud in all my years here and it really helped, especially when you're missing a few putts."

Fans of the golfer and the brand may be keen to see a new commercial that was aired in the US ahead of the tournament commencing.

It stars Woods staring into the camera listening to the voice of his dead father and prominently features the famous Nike Swoosh on his cap and black tanktop.