It depends how well aware you already are with Mr Jeffery and Mr West but the Northampton makers love shoes; like a lot. The Northampton base is implicit too, the market town being centre of shoe making country for well in excess of a century. This meant the brothers in seam found long reaching experience beyond their own sixteen years when they started out some twenty five years ago. There is a genuine importance placed on a man having a pair of shoes that make him feel 'Jack the Biscuit' and when you generally care about the finer points of a good pair of shoes then the rest is more than likely there already. Jeffery West put the emphasis on making quality and not reinventing the wheel, West describes it as one of those 10p coin pushers at the seaside arcade. I’ll elaborate, as each coin is pushed through the slot by tight gripped fingers crossed with endeavour, the coin jaunts left and right crashing into the heaped silver bounty stacked low on the moving shelves. As each season pushes a collection into the stops, some key styles jag plentifully through the heaped displays, falling rewardingly into the boutique bags of the customer. In brief they never stray too far from the nest and there will always be key styles, but being prepared to experiment with colour and skins is something that has progressed as the brand grew with their customer base. This comes with the increasing disposable nature of men’s fashion and the upturn in the gentleman’s core awareness. Gone are the days when simply having the current brands name splattered across your chest was enough and there is a renewed purpose in menswear, one which the shoe makers are happy to be a part of. You see a good pair of shoes is paramount, after all without sounding clichéd a smart pair of shoes is always going to catch an eye or two, after all girls don’t court men with bad shoes; or so it’s said. Enjoy.