The rich cultural history of the Adidas should not be forgotten, it has been suggested.

It could be argued that the shoe is one of the defining and most enduringly popular styles of footwear in the last 40 years.

From its 1969 beginnings to the present day it has served various purposes whether on the basketball court, on stage or in the street.

Noreen Mae Ritsema, writing for newspaper the Manitoban, suggests that hip-hop group Run DMC played a big part in cementing the long-term appeal of the footwear when they referenced the shoes on their 1986 song My Adidas.

She said: "40 years later, as the shoe continues to persevere, let's not forget where it came from."

Run DMC were given a big-money endorsement deal with Adidas - the first of its kind - and sparked the association between Superstar footwear and recording artists.

Craig David has stated that he is a collector of Adidas trainers.