We have received the latest range from Ichiban Clothing. I'm sure there is no need for me to introduce the brand to you, but for those who don't know Ichiban is a UK based streetwear brand that has constantly rewritten the book on how to produce graphic sweats and tee shirts. Their clever take on old product labels and adverts have made this brand constantly grow over the last few years, add to that the great quality of the finished product and you have British street brand that could take on a lot of the American labels. This season we have taken delivery of Sweatshirts, hooded tops and tee shirts and they have already started to fly off of the shelves, a stand out piece is the Fairly Offensives print which is a cheeky copy of the Fairy Liquid branding. As always Ichiban has been produced in limited number and it can be only found in selected stores including Pilot and our online store Net Clothing. Ichiban is in the shop now and will be online soon.