Nike is firmly on the feet of Marcus Jordan, a University of Central Florida (UCF) basketball player.

The university has signed a deal with Nike to provide apparel and footwear for all of the university's sports, including games played on the basketball court.

Previous sponsor Adidas ended its contract with UCF after Jordan insisted on stepping into the Nike of choice of his famous father Michael Jordon.

Jordan junior said he would only wear Nike Air Jordans because they had a special place in his family's heart.

Nike and Adidas often fight it out on the basketball court. BNET recently reported that eyes are often on the footwear of choice of players.

While Adidas has a prominent position within the NBA, Nike is the sponsor of choice for many NCAA teams.

The publication cited Nike's Jordan VI Retro as footwear that makes retro an easy style to embody both on and off the court.