A new collection of Lacoste clothing has gone back to its sporting roots while retaining its mass appeal, one writer has said.

Writing for the Star, Elaine Dong said the brand has become a "staple of the fashion scene" and has found popularity outside of the sporting arena, in which it was founded by tennis player Rene Lacoste in 1933.

However, the new Out of the Blue collection shows off new designs which evoke a lifestyle of leisure and sporting chic, paying tribute to the fashions of early 20th century tennis stars.

Creative director at Lacoste Christophe Lemaire said: "From the start, I wanted to make fresh, modern classics for Lacoste. To remain relevant, it is important to make the products contemporary. I do that with cuts and colours as well as graphic treatments."

Lacoste recently revealed that a giant crocodile will be featured on a range of new clothing as part of the Save Your Logo campaign, which gives brands the chance to donate money to charities working with animals in their emblem.