Lacoste is one of the first clothing brands Liam Gallagher bought when he got his hands on his own money.

In a rare interview, the ex-Oasis frontman - the band have now officially split - said Lacoste clothing and tracksuit tops were top of his shopping list when he hit stores to kit himself out in fashionable clobber.

Speaking to, the mad-for-it singer also reveals a friend of his used to send him loads of Adidas items.

On the subject of footwear, Gallagher admits he was always more into trainers and does not like the trend for pointy shoes or skin-tight jeans.

"I don't mind a bit of slim, but I'm not into baggy either."

And still on the subject of fashion - he has launched his own label Pretty Green - he lists "timeless" and "classic clobber" as boating blazers, polo shirts and macs.

Lacoste polo shirts were recently described by Shortlist as having the "sporting edge".