Henry Collier a design engineer, founded Matchless Motorcycles in 1899 together with his brother, it became the most respected and important motorcycle brand at the time. Matchless was the first manufacturer to create clothing for motorcyclists for rider safety when on a Matchless motorcycle. Leading and professional motorcyclists chose to wear this hard wear as it was an excellent mix of safety for them and elegance while riding. The brand which is widely world renowned for its safety for the biker boys, is now over spilled into the fashion industry especially when the 'biker boy look' was in fashion, the jackets has also taken to the celebrities by storm. Celebrity Icons have been seen wearing a few of the matchless leather jackets over the seasons, celebrities like David Beckham, Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Bradley Cooper and many others. The Matchless Kensington Antique Limited Black worn by the very famous Arnold Schwarzenegger in the latest 2015 Terminator Genysis. He is seen numerous amount of times throughout the film wearing this tough, hard wearing black leather jacket by Matchless. This jacket is found in our store and on line, priced at £1,199.