Money Dollar jean could help males wanting to keep up with the fashion crowd stay ahead of the game.

But you may want to take heed of the warning of one fashion expert.

Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Nick Sullivan, fashion director for Esquire magazine, said denim on the top and bottom halves should not match.

Doing so smacks of the seventies and people can end up looking like John Denver if they have a denim disaster, he added.

"A darker shirt on lighter jeans doesn't work. It has something to do with the visual centre of gravity," Mr Sullivan explained.

Instead, men may want to team dark Money Dollar jeans with a paler T-shirt, shirt or denim jacket in order to make the look work for them.

Pairing Money Dollar jeans with the brand's white Big King Ape stud or Attacks Diamonte skull T-shirt could help nail the double-denim trend.