Dizzee Rascal's new single Dirtee Disco has proved to be divisive among fans, but the Nike footwear ambassador has claimed that he is not 'selling out'.

According to the Daily Star, critics have likened the track to "cheesy" 90s chart-toppers by 2 Unlimited and the Vengaboys, but the 26-year-old said he is just trying to spread joy with his music.

"Some people think it's morally wrong of me to not 'keep it real', but a lot of the time this is coming from drug dealers and robbers," he explained to the newspaper.

He added that 'keeping it real' does not mean having to play small clubs and chasing promoters for money when he can play a more high-profile pop show and get paid and treated well.

Dizzee recently helped create a new range of Nike trainers in the shape of the Air Max 90 Tongue N' Cheek sneaker, which features logo from the rapper's album of the same name.