England star Wayne Rooney has ditched his Nike clothing to sport a vest and a beard in a new advert for the brand, which shows what it could be like if the striker makes a mistake at this year's World Cup.

The Manchester United forward is seen out of shape and overweight in a grey trailer park in an imaginary future, where a pass intercepted by French star Frank Ribery helps the Europeans knock England out of the competition.

After the imaginary incident, Rooney is seen living alone eating baked beans out of the pan, while his neighbours discuss his downfall.

The commercial has been released onto YouTube ahead of its TV debut on Saturday (May 22nd) and is part of a series of adverts planned in the run-up to the World Cup called Write the Future.

Rooney was recently seen in much fitter shape however, as he took a holiday to Majorca with wife Colleen and son Kai before he heads to South Africa next month.