As I've stated in the past, I'm a big fan of all things music, so for me it's like an instant hunger pain type situation when that addictive adrenalin music feed is abruptly cut short by an artist simply falling off the map, leaving a gaping void in my itchy veins…. Fa Real or Pharrell Williams as most of us commonly know him has done just that. So imagine my total surprise to see the N.E.R.D's lap dance pushing prodigy sporting a pair of Palladiums in the florescent Multi Tokyo back drop. Well I say surprised but thinking about it, Pharrell, for me is one of the first urban Artists to truly take on fashion and push it blatantly forward with that cross urban swagga to a nation hungry for fresh meat, with the like of Jay Z and the ‘Louis Vuitton Don’ Kayne West not so far behind. The whole music and fashion collabo for me works very nicely in this particular situation, blending Pharrell's forward thinking music production's and flare with a similarly edgy and boundary pushing foot wear brand. Palladium to me is very reminiscent of the whole Camper brand, which really took it's foot hold about 10 years prior but has since then fallen short of its former identity. With Palladiums roots firmly planted in Continental Europe the whole brand reeks of natural fibres, simplicity of design, real out-door comfort, combined with usability and fashion future thinking. Their brave stance on colour is to me a massive testimony to their passion to innovate, shock and be noticed, Palladium are by no means shrinking violets but more thorny roses in a concrete jungle fighting for your attention. Be noticed, be special, be true, be Palladium.