Adias can be used as part of an experimental outfit to demonstrate your own personality, if recent suggestions are anything to go by.

Marsha Chun-Matsubara, a 31-year-old New York designer from Abakus, suggested to Elle magazine that people should use their body as it if were a canvas, even if it does attract a few people giving them a once over.

"I'll put on an Alaia corset skirt with red, old-school Adidas sneakers, a white V-neck, and one of my crazy necklaces," she said.

She said that she also has a designer skirt that she picked up at a huge discount and takes the attitude of "if you've got it, wear it".

Fashion conscious men and women could find that teaming their Adidas with a variety of outfits makes them more "peacock" than "pigeon".

It has recently been announced that the Adidas Gazelle Hemp has been launched in three nature-inspired colourways.