For those keen to be different and with a great passion for real Denim in a period where it's most definitely taken a back seat to the like of chinos and other forms of comfort wear, affordable hope is most definitely at hand in the wonderfully sculpted form of Donwan Harrell's 2003 birth child PRPS's, with the new range sporting the likes of the usual high detailed suspects Baracuda and Rambler once more. With the current financial climate being as uncertain as the grand national price winner, cost as always is a big issue which we feel PRPS have definitely taken into account whilst keeping the integrity quality and the new visual finish they are so renowned for. With prices starting from £189 for the new Barracuda denim vintage style, up to £209 for the mid vintage wash Ramblers, we definitely feel that once you get a pair of these exquisite Denims in your wardrobe theirs no turning back, PRPS quality speaks for itself.