We have just recently caught up with the guys from Religion to get an insight into their world.

You have been heavily associated with the music industry since you started back in the 90’s.

Do you think that the fashion and music industry run hand in hand ?

Of course.

Fashion and music are derived from the same concept, there both art forms and a way of expressing emotions. The music and fashion industry are both hard to break, fickle, full of egotistical *****, but the fun and creative expression you can have in these industries much outweighs the pitfalls. I would go as far to say that every creative industry is the same.

Where do you see Religion in 10 years ?

Like we saw it when it was just an idea on the back of a packet of cigarettes…… Unique. Whats the best part of working in East London? The food. It seems like everyday that goes past, a new swanky restaurant opens up.

For the people that haven't worn religion before, how would you style them?

We’d first ask the question are you a boring old fart ?

If the answer is yes we wouldn't bother styling them but if not we would start with a pair of black skinny biker denims, a long line shirt, pair of religion high tops and leather bomber to top it off. Whats Religion’s must go to Holiday destination for 2015? IBIZA! Go book into a hotel near Bora Bora beach and get smashed for the weekend.

Whats the most played genre of music at Religion HQ and who’s choice is it ?

Its so diverse its hard to say. One minute its deep house the next minute its rock and roll. We like anything thats a stroke of musical genius whether that be punk, metal, house, dance, electro or rock and roll. You lot obviously like a drink or two, whats been your drunkest night out?

The night when the bar had to go to send someone too Costco to get more beers. What advice would you give to new start up brands?

Be Unique!