Fashion-conscious males could be interested in getting their hands on a pair of retro Adidas Gazelle trainers, as showcased by the Retro to Go blog.

A gold and black suede finish is the latest colourway launched by the sportswear brand and may be a popular choice for men looking to stand out from the crowd with a unique look.

Gold suede uppers are contrasted by the distinctive three stripes in a glossy black with black soles - in a style not too dissimilar to the colour of a Wolverhampton Wanderers kit.

The Gazelle style has been around since 1968 and gained popularity in the UK as the footwear of choice for football supporters across the country, it may also prove to be an affordable and consistently in fashion choice of footwear.

Adidas recently launched a Hemp edition of the Gazelle and made it available in three different colour schemes - navy blue upper with white stripes, tan with army green stripes and green with white stripes.