Football fans across the world have recently been watching the performances of Adidas-sponsored Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi and Manchester United's very own talisman Wayne Rooney, asking "which one is better?".

The American Chronicle suggested a solution to the debate, "they could meet again in the World Cup in South Africa, on the biggest stage, with the biggest prize at stake. Then and only then, will we really know who's best".

At the moment it's hard to see beyond the two players for the title of Fifa World Player of the Year, but there are some notable differences between the two forward players.

Firstly, Messi is Argentinean and Nike-sponsored Rooney is English, meaning that it could be a case of Argentina versus England in this summer's World Cup and both will be keen to impress the watching world.

Messi opts for Adidas whereas Rooney uses Nike. Both players are certainly enjoying success in their chosen boots.