Nike has known how to run an effective advertising campaign over the years and the latest advert - starring Barcelona striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic - seems no exception.

The Swedish star heads up the new Nike advertisement in honour of its Mercurial Vapor Superfly II boot.

As you might expect from Nike, it is a visually appealing affair as Ibrahimovic takes on a series opponents on a floodlit pitch with a mind of its own.

Sprinting towards goal the attacker finds more in his way than just a stern defence, as areas of the turf are mechanically lifted and turned to halt his path.

However, thanks to his Nike, the player finds his way to goal.

Ibrahimovich told The Sun: "Nike always comes up with something new and different and this film looks amazing. It's incredible to be filming and then to see how it all comes together in the finished piece."

The sportswear giant has previously used Eric Cantona, Ronaldinho and a host of other footballers to promote the brand.