Future orders for Nike trainers and Nike clothing have increased, pushing up the shares of the company.

The apparel and athletic footwear maker enjoyed a four per cent push in shares on Wednesday (March 17th) evening. It seems that the popularity of the brand remains strong, something that could be boosted by the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Wayne Rooney showcasing Nike .

And to put it into perspective, global future orders for its goods set to be delivered from March to July stand at a whopping $7.1 billion - that's £4.7 billion to you and me and a whole lot of trainers!

Nike has had a lot of positive promotion through its association with Rooney, who has been promised £500,000 by his sponsor if he proves himself to be the World Cup's top scorer this summer in South Africa.

With Rooney using his head at Manchester United and banging the goals away, Nike has been in the spotlight even more.

The footballer's may allow him to power up the pitch, but he has increasingly been putting headers into the back of the net for his Premiership team.