For all our rap and hip-hop music enthusiasts and even our sneaker heads if you didn’t know already Kanye West is dropping his highly anticipated album early next week on Tuesday 18th of June titled “Yeezus”. There has been a lot of hype and controversy circulating throughout the interweb the last couple months especially as the date draws closer. Rumors have been circulating that Kanye has hidden 1000 golden tickets in his upcoming album drop which entitle the holder to a pair of the unreleased all red Air Yeezy 2s. Photos have been seen on the web showcasing the red pair of Air Yeezy 2s with the 0001/1000 markings, and Kanye has also been seen sporting them himself at some of his recent performances. We don’t know how accurate the information is on the internet but I for one will have my fingers crossed when I open up my copy of the Yeezus on Tuesday.

Praise Yeezus!