Thom Krom is a fashion label which was found and created by Thomas Kromik in 2009. His aim was to create a unique style for both men and women who did not have a particular taste for the mainstream and high street labels and looks. Because of this, Thom Krom decided to create his own label which did not use the same aesthetic as these high end labels.

He was inspired by the night sky and from this he created a look for those people who enjoyed a muted, dull and washed out colour palette and bizarre, unique styles. Thom Krom provides a crisp, clean and very modern look for those who favour an edgier look. From a design perspective, it's almost as if Thom Krom was inspired by a 'Ninja', because the impression he gives from his pieces is for the 'disguised' look, for those who never wanted to be seen in the gloomy night sky and could hide in those dark corners without being spotted.

The collection we hold in store and online is a wide selection consisting of basic long tee's for the contemporary cool look to a more basic sweatshirt with a luxurious fit. We also offer a more sophisticated look with a smarter blazer style jacket which still maintains the elements of design for which Thom Krom is best known.



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