At least David Keyte intellectual holder and father in kind of Universal Works is quite an honest chap and understands the last thing the world needed was another ‘heritage’ collection. You know the kind, fake trouser ferrets and designer bottoms that if at all authentic would be held up by a length of frayed rope, probably to stop the afore mentioned ferret from escaping as it was destined for the chopping board and latterly put in a pot. I think that is quite enough patronising however, my point is that yes we are awash with rustic Britannia and where most labels are reliving oaths somewhere between Gabriel Oak and Mr Darcy. But here we have a man just making dad clothes for dads, in his own words I hope you understand and if anyone else likes it, as Tony the Tiger once said, ‘Great.’ David Keyte has had the typical ‘boy done good’ upbringing, getting his ankles wet in the modest start of Saturday jobs and retail ladder climbing. Then, next to the waist deep wading in full time streams with Mr Smith; yes the big Mr Smith, OK I’ll spell it out. Paul Smith. Well, Paul Smith took a punt on our David and the newly appointed manager grew from their Nottingham base until naturally his wings broadened over bigger flooded pastures new. The meandering plain took Keyte through drought and flash flood until he found himself planting the pole into the ground and with gusto and fortified he parted the sea and there we have Universal Works. The current collection is a peculiar mix, you see you can take a few pieces say the sweats and thick hemmed knits and unceremoniously sit them next to Rebel 8 and PRPS. But it is after all a ‘heritage’ brand and with that there will be some chunky outerwear, chinos and so. David Keyte is almost taking the sole responsibility in letting the boys with less meat that a butchers knife know that their too tight jeans are just that, and for that matter why do we only wear jeans? I must admit that semi-quote must have been from a older interview, either that or Keyte really should pop into England’s towns and see the uniformed fashion followers; that is to say the chino is now rather popular. I would say staple but staples are rather more easily parted from their hosts. With all considered, I think what I have been trying to prove is that universal Works are making their own way through a somewhat saturated market however, what makes the label stand out is the fact that Davis Keyte acknowledges this and says actually we are doing this thing but we’re doing it well. More importantly I’m following my instincts and not just doing it well but doing it my way, and I’ll succeed on those terms. Remember confidence is a preference.