Vivienne Westwood comes as synonym for the Avant-guard and quintessential English eccentric; Phew, there's the clich'd standard description out and open. What you actually have is a charming and careful romantic who has a knack for ominous creation and rhetoric. It all started I'll have you know, as the punk movement dawned and with it a close relationship with Malcolm McLaren, who if you didn't know made a somewhat criminal attempt at managing the Sex Pistols, quite literally criminal. Their early influences came from a seedier side of London's underbelly and Clapham public housing, the kind that sponsored much of Jonny Lydon's forceful and anarchic debonair. The flair for the left field may have become softened if not dampened as the incredibly seventy year old Vivienne offers increasing responsibility to spouse Andreas Kronthaler, he is in most part head of creative direction these days. This gives our matriarch time to offer herself to more noble entries, she is a loud voice in the plight we face in the coming century with regards climate change. She further exclaims that people should shop responsibly buying more quality as opposed to die washed and disposable fashion. In almost epiphany the good lady adds that in contrary to this reducing her own market it should only increase her worth as frankly hers are best. If you look at our own range I think you would be hard pressed to agree with anything else. We have some fantastic printed crew neck tees and terrifically fitting shirts, but if you are looking for something more archetypal then you need not look any further than the DB prince cardigan. I think following on from Westwood's own words it is well worth buying into lasting quality and inspiration in difference, the way I see it you remember the Sex Pistols but who were Crass? I think that is it in a nutshell.