Urban wear is dead; you heard it here first. Actually we heard it from creative director and Wood Wood commander Karl-Oskar Olsen, but even then I’m guessing it’s not so much the strange death of the liberal urbanite, more an evolved sense of purpose. They drive a renewed sense of Scandinavia, the region having been king of the stitches’ for five or more years. You see this was a position that both Japan and the States had occupied for similar periods and they are determined not to let the region slip as the predecessors had. Wood Wood was formed from three old friends and graffiti, a good way to bring things about I think you will agree? Although Olsen was said to have little interest in fashion until girlfriend to this day Lotte took him cross boarders to Paris, I wouldn’t believe it too much. He would phone brother in kind and label mate Brain Jensen to make sure the over coat was right, usually without too much hesitance there was agreement. In Paris Olsen romanced the ideas behind Collette, something he saw grow to an institution and wanted to create something similar. The shop was set up shop in Copenhagen, a city Karl describes as having effected more than it ever could affect him. That on top of it ‘Being such a small f***ing city’ that everyone knows each other which provides a lot of hating and back stabbing. They started out making printed tees from their Copenhagen base, similar to Elvis Jesus and Unconditional, and from that the brand grew. They see themselves as a brand without a place, that’s not to say it’s undeserving of any lauding or attentively lectured by glancing pigeon holes. Wood Wood are careering into the unknown peeking under a blind fold to snatch influences from passing folly. Their approach has changed a little from the early days, having admitted to having no real business plan or direction, with a little outside instruction kicking up some energy they lost the over awareness and changed expectations. So it is with some excitement we await our first Wood Wood collection at Pilot and Net Clothing, so come in store and keep an eye out for their preppy street mash up, draw a winding line in the sand and jump over it.